Finished The Ol’Gas Station

IMG_7399 3

The excitement of finishing a drawing is hard to explain.  It (the art piece) has occupied your time and your heart and soul.  During that time,  you have gone through the highs and the lows.  And you end up asking yourself, when is it really done?  When I am at that point, I like to think how would one of my favorite artist such as Edward Hopper know when the piece art he was working on done?  I will never get to know, I can only speculate.

As one artist put it, “it is clearly difficult”.  One of the biggest issues to overcome, is to realize, there will be imperfections in the finished work.  Those imperfections will stick out to you in a New York second.  You have to accept that there are imperfections and  move on. One thing I have found that helps, is to have a fellow artist look at the piece and give a thumbs up or thumbs down.  I am lucky to have a cousin that serves as my main critic.  When I get that thumbs up, there is a great sigh of relief.

So, in short I am glad to add “The Ol’ Gas Station” to my portfolio.

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