Emotions in Art

Emotions in Art

Can art evoke emotions?  You bet it can!  Just like my recent drawing of a old sundry store sign which evokes some great memories for me.  It reminds me of some great times with my mom and step dad as we would travel to what became the family farm. We would stop at this little store and catch up on the local gossip. We would sit at one of the little tables by the soda counter with some of the local folks.  I would have an old fashioned coke.  I can still see it, the Coca Cola glass, with a few ice cubes.  A few squirts of the cola syrup and mixed with carbonated water.  The refreshing taste could not be beat.   It also is sad to think the many of the folks that were at the old store have passed on.

That is what I love so much about art.  It can evoke memories, in so many people.  One of my favorite artist was M.Wayne Willis.  He was an wildlife artist from Wichita, KS.  He painted some great pictures of a busting covey of quail in the flint hills of Kansas.  Any one of his pictures will takes me back to my school days when I was able to be outdoors hunting more than I am able today.  Ah, the fun times!

One of my other favorite artist was Norman Rockwell.  His art would remind me of someone, or a time and place.  His art work with the Boy Scouts reminded me of many fun campouts and the great lessons that I learned.

So celebrate art!  Enjoy the emotions that it stirs within you.

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