What Subject Next?

How to decide what to draw or paint next?  That is a question that has been asked by artist for years, if not centuries.  For me, it is what moves me.  I for one have taken photos of a variety of items for a number of years.  I started out with an old 110 camera and then progressed to a 35 mm camera when I was just starting college.  Thank goodness for digital cameras.  That advancement has allowed me to take many more photos of different subject mater with little concern of getting the photos developed and the cost associated with processing the film.

Within many of those photos, I will find something that peeks my interest that I may have missed when I took the original photo.   I like how Pete Sully says it: “When someone loves something it shows even without him saying.  And within that one photo, could be that one thing that you fall in love with.  As Sully also said: “just remember that anything can be interesting if you take an interest in it.”

Over the years I have been lucky, in that my job has allowed me to travel to many areas.  And when traveling, I take my camera, even if it is now only my smart phone. Now,  I can capture that scene, sunset or anything else that peeks my interest.  And that can end up being  a surprise.  Some of my favorite pieces of art work have been from a photo that was not the main view that caught my attention that led me to take the photo.  So, you just never know.  And as a plus, I have some collected some great reference photos of trees, clouds, buildings, animals  and  many other items over the years.  And who know, that one item could be the one thing that peeks my interest for my next drawing or painting.

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