A New Year

Well, the new year is off and running – ready or not.  A new year gives up hope, renewed spirit for the year and an opportunity to play with new art toys.  And I think the last one, about the new art toys is the most exiting.

Yes, I did get get some new pencils that I can not wait to try out.  Add to the pencils, new paper and life doesn’t get much better.

I have gotten to the point in life that I know the probability of keeping a New Years resolution is about as likely as me winning the lottery.  So no new resolutions for this year.   I did try a resolution last year of making a new drawing or painting a week.  Lasted about two and a half months.  I pushed out the artwork, but was not satisfied with my work.  So, this year I am working at my own pace.  Hmm.  Sounds like a resolution.  Oh well.

In keeping with tradition, Happy New Year everybody.  Make it a great year and I will work at making great art!


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