Current Read

Current Read

As with any profession, it is good to work on the basics.  In my younger days when I played baseball, we practiced the basics to no end.  And of course we would get bored with the activity.  But coach kept pushing us to practice the basic. How to hold the glove, how to hold the ball and how to throw. You can inset “roll the eyes”.  But it paid off in the long run.  Like the old saying: “practice makes perfect”.  I am reminded of that in my regular career and my art career.  And that is why I am going through this new book, “The Two-Pencil Method.  The revolutionary approach to drawing it all.” by Mark Crilley.  The book takes you back to the basics, of value, tone, holding the pencil and working on some very simple drawing. There are chapters on a variety of subjects such as: portraits, still lives, trees, sea scapes and land scapes. All great practice and an opportunity to try a different method.

So excuse me while I practice the basics.

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