A Change of Seasons

Spring is finally here!  And with the arrival of spring comes the possibilities of more opportunities to take some great pictures for reference photos.

Now I know there are many that don’t like the use of reference photos.  They like to sketch on scene and take the time to experience the time and spot where they are working.   And that is ok with me, but it is not for me.

I like to be on the move looking for scenes that inspire a drawing or painting.  And spring  can be that time when the world is coming to life after a long winter nap.

Now around this part of the country, the ranchers are burning pastures to get rid of the weeds and produce nutritious grass for the cattle to feed on.  With the burning comes the smoke in the air that can produce some awesome sunsets.    Which can lead to some great photos and later paintings.  As the dark rich grass grows back the hills glow green and with the beautiful blue sky, some great pictures.

So, its time to grab the camera and get out there and get some great photos.

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