What Inspired Me All Those Years Ago


One day in the not so long ago past, I wondered what it was, all of those years ago that got me interested in art.  I found out one day when wondering through the children section of the bookstore looking for a book for a grandson.  It hit me when looking at the multitude of illustrations throughout those many books.  I found that day, that I continue to be amazed at those illustrations.  Those illustrations helped my imagination run with the story that my parents would read to me from those books.   The book of “Sam the Firefly” really caught my attention many years ago, when I looked at those pages.  Now, they were not bright and cheery.  They had a dark blue background with yellow and white light to bring the picture to life.  If you are not familiar with the story, it takes place at night and night time illustrations are no where near as bright as day time illustrations and that is what makes the art work standout. And standout to me it did.









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