Strawberry Hill

These are a couple renditions of two landmarks on Strawberry Hill in Kansas City, KS. The first is of the neighborhood market that was just about a block and half from my grandparents house on the hill. It was a great adventure to walk there with my grandma. Everyone knew each other, not like at the big box stores today. There was a pride in the store. As the old neighborhood died off the store closed. But, the neighborhood is coming back. Which is awesome, they are also celebrating the ethnic background. Some years back I was working in the neighborhood and had lunch with a client at a little deli. The owner saw my last name on the credit card and said, “With a name like that I must have had ties to the neighborhood.” I smiled with pride and said I did. The last time I was back in the neighborhood several years ago the ol grocery store was coming back as a neighborhood bakery and coffe shop. I hope it is doing well. Rock on Strawberry Hill! Keep those old memories alive and make some awesome ones in the future!

The second is of St. John the Baptist church on Strawberry Hill. It was the center point of the neighborhood. It was a vital part of the community of immigrants. My Grandmother would walk the few blocks to this beautiful church for Mass every day for as long as I could remember. It was a stable rock for the Strawberry Hill community to celebrate weddings, funerals and other life celebrations. I can still hear the accordion polka music. And hear the older ladies whistle in jubilation. And could they whistle! And I can remember the church being all decked out for the Christmas season. It was so beautiful! And as we come into the Christmas season, please be kind to each other!

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