Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle

Over the Christmas holiday, we can get a lot of “stuff” that may seem useless. One such item, is the large popcorn container. And every year I look forward to getting a new one and discover new ways to reuse it or recycle it. Now, if you are lucky to live in an area with a popcorn store, you may be able to make it back and get it filled with your favorite popcorn blend. Other uses that I have found for these containers are to use them as a storage unit. They are a great way to store various items that you do not want damaged.

This year I did something a little different with my popcorn can. I repurposed it into my whittling container. That’s right a “whittling container”. Now, stay with me on this. Presently, it is the winter months. We have less hours of day light and it can be rather cold outside. I like to whittle outside and let the chips fall where they may. But during the winter months, I am not as likely to be outside whittling. So, the alternative is the whittle inside. That presents a problem of wood chips everywhere. That tends to irritate my better half. Like the old saying states: “Happy wife, happy life!” So, to maintain a happy life I needed to find someway to contain my wood chips. Thus the popcorn can. I can sit in my living room chair, or in what ever chair I choose to sit and and not have chips all over the house. Just whittle right over the can. Problem solved.

I also purchased a waiters apron with pockets. I tied this around my popcorn can and have a convent place to store my safety glove, sandpaper and knives, all in one handy container. With the basic black apron, it looks nice, not goddy. And I can set it in the corner out of the way. Several problems solved.

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