Going Back

They say you can’t go home. Coming from small town America that holds so true. Things change so much over time. Folks from the community pass on, businesses that were child hood favorites are gone and sometimes the buildings have fallen in disrepair. This last week a building that was a part of my school day’s burned. It was the old Masonic hall. I spent many evening there when I was in DeMolays. Another tie to the building was it was where my folks opened their first store. This latest tiny drawing is of one of those businesses that has survived through the years. Ownership has changed over the years, but the burgers and cherry limeades are still pretty darn good. I remember when I was young going there with my parents for an ice cream and when I was I high school hanging out there with my friends having a drink and chatting. And now, stopping by for a burger and cherry limeade when passing through. It is true that you can never go back, but it is sure great when you can get close. I hope this drawing brings back some great memories. Enjoy!

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