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What a time!

Well, it has been some time since I have posted. As they say there has been a lot of water that has passed under the bridge that has kept me from posting. Some was good and some not so good. During some of the good times, had some opportunity to get some great ideas. Looking forward to sharing in the future.

Taking Time Off

Some times it is beneficial to take a little time off from blogging. Although is is not great for the folks that follow the blog. But, it allows time to produce art work and travel to seek out new subjects. In addition time to work on refining your style. One could say that I ran out of things to talk about. Now, if you asked my family, they would seriously debate you on me running out of something to talk about. And then there are times that I feel like the Seinfield Show. A show about nothing. But still very funny.

Welcome to 2022

Well it’s back to work after a period of time off. Had Christmas, got to welcome a new little one to the family and had some family stay with us while waiting to be able to move into their new home and add to it week of the crud. The time off, has provided some time to reflect, get some much needed rest and spend some really super quality time with the family, and I am really grateful for it too.

During the time off, I put together some excellent ideas for future projects. But first things first, I have a project that I have to complete to enter for a juried show. Am really excited with how the project is going so far. Will keep posted on progress.

Till next time – Don’t work it too hard.

Change In Attitude

It is interesting that working on a piece of artwork can change your attitude about your subject. And that is what has happened to me recently. I have a new work in progress of a mountain lion. Now I must confess, I have never been a big fan of the mountain lion. I have always loved and respected the Wolf species. I guess you could say it is like a dog lover and a cat lover. But as I have worked on this new piece of work, I have gained a new admiration of the mountain lion. And that has brought me to a level of excitement as I think about my next piece and what how I will gain admiration of my next subject.

Going Back

They say you can’t go home. Coming from small town America that holds so true. Things change so much over time. Folks from the community pass on, businesses that were child hood favorites are gone and sometimes the buildings have fallen in disrepair. This last week a building that was a part of my school day’s burned. It was the old Masonic hall. I spent many evening there when I was in DeMolays. Another tie to the building was it was where my folks opened their first store. This latest tiny drawing is of one of those businesses that has survived through the years. Ownership has changed over the years, but the burgers and cherry limeades are still pretty darn good. I remember when I was young going there with my parents for an ice cream and when I was I high school hanging out there with my friends having a drink and chatting. And now, stopping by for a burger and cherry limeade when passing through. It is true that you can never go back, but it is sure great when you can get close. I hope this drawing brings back some great memories. Enjoy!