The Art Show

Today was an exciting day. One that many artist look forward to, submitting an art piece to an art show. Part excitement is from knowing that your work was accepted to be in the show. Part excitement from filling out the paperwork at the sign in station. Part excitement knowing that others will get to see your work in a gallery. In all, no matter how great the excitement, it is no where near the feeling of satisfaction of taking an idea from concept to a completed piece of art. The feeling of how the piece speaks to folks. How they feel when they see the work. All things that I learned and immediately tried to forgot about in my college Art Appreciation class or as we liked to refer to it, “art in the dark”.

KC Skyline – Western Auto Sign

This is my latest project. It is the Western Auto sign that graces the Kansas City skyline. For those of you that are familiar or live in Kansas City you will recognize this wonderful iconic piece of the Kansas City skyline. The amazing Western Auto sign.
I remember being at my grandparents house and I could see this amazing sign. The individual letters would light up and then the arrow would circle around and then the whole sign would light up the night sky. To me that sign met energy, excitement, life and WOW! Thanks to some incredible people who’s innovation and working together has that awesome sign lighting up that spectacular skyline.

One Year and Welcome To It!

It is hard to believe that I am coming up to one yer with this site. What a ride it has been. Like many, I would say that my crystal ball had a major crack in it. There was a lot that I and many did not foresee, with the main item being COVID 19. I guess we are somewhere at month 4.

It has been very difficult to say the least. To say my creativity has waned would be an understatement. I have used some time to study my craft which is always good. I have used some time to study on line marketing, which is very good. So, I guess you could say that I’m ready to get back on the horse and put pencil to paper and start producing art.

One good thing, is that I have a piece of art work that will be a part of the Wichita Art Museum’s show Foot In The Door show later this year. The show is for professional and amateur artist.

Till next time. Enjoy art and stay safe!

Art Can Make A Statement

What a time we are living through, can certainly be an understatement. People have talked about trying to skip the rest of 2020. But times like these are what makes change. Artist of various mediums in many cases are at the forefront of the change. Artis such as Benny Andrews, Robert Indiana, Philip Guston, Moneta Sleet Jr., Jack Whitten and even one of my favorite artist of all time Norman Rockwell. They painted and sculpted on the social turmoil that surrounded them. They created visual symbols of resistance, liberation and empowerment. They made us think, examine our inner being. In these dark times, some great art is created.

During the Lockdown

It has been close to a month since the pandemic lockdown. You almost can almost forget what day of the week it is, let alone the time. One thing about it, is that with being “hunkered down” is you have more time on your hands. And for an artist, that can be a blessing. A time to work on your art work and time to try a new art form. I have used a little of that time to go back to making tiny drawings. What has been different is trying a different subject matter. One night I was going through some photos from a prior trip I found a photo that caught my attention and just had to attempt. I call it “Ice Cream Break”. It brought back some good memories and of a time when we could enjoy restraints, movies and many other activities that we are now missing. I hope you enjoy this drawing and reminds you a a fun time and hope for being able to get out and enjoy such treats.