During the Lockdown

It has been close to a month since the pandemic lockdown. You almost can almost forget what day of the week it is, let alone the time. One thing about it, is that with being “hunkered down” is you have more time on your hands. And for an artist, that can be a blessing. A time to work on your art work and time to try a new art form. I have used a little of that time to go back to making tiny drawings. What has been different is trying a different subject matter. One night I was going through some photos from a prior trip I found a photo that caught my attention and just had to attempt. I call it “Ice Cream Break”. It brought back some good memories and of a time when we could enjoy restraints, movies and many other activities that we are now missing. I hope you enjoy this drawing and reminds you a a fun time and hope for being able to get out and enjoy such treats.

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