A Time To Step Back Into The Game

After several months off for a little R and R, am back at the keyboard and drawing board. The time that I have taken off, has been productive. A little travel and with it a change of scenery and many new reference photos. Also, during my time off has allowed time to experiment with new techniques and material. I find that during this time, there is a lot of growth that occurs. I have also have some time to share ideas and samples of work with my best critique. We review each others work and give advice and much encouragement. And believe me that is very important.

One thing also about some time off, is take some time to give back to your community. Volunteer at a food bank, a shelter, youth group, or community organization. That is time well spent and is certainly rewarding in many ways.

This time away is a time to fill your tank and get ready to expand your artistic range. Looking forward to the weeks and days ahead.

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